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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The garden here is really blooming and starting to grow. I just got some cabbage in the garden from the cold-house. I cut the potatoes today and will begin planning them tomorrow. I have also started redoing the landscape in the backyard. When we had a new well put in they really left a mess with a ditch since the ground was not leveled. I am re-sloping so the water will drain from the house to the rain garden again.The backyard will be designed with a Craftsman 1920 style garden. It will have easy to maintain plants with low water requirement and seasonally beauty. Some of the plants will be old favorite heirloom types to go with the period with some newer additions. The center of the yard will have a small lawn.

Mushrooms on old stump




Front Yard

Yellow flame tulips

Pink tulips

 I like the yellow center of this tulip.

Rain Garden and vegetable garden in the back


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