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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The garden here is really blooming and starting to grow. I just got some cabbage in the garden from the cold-house. I cut the potatoes today and will begin planning them tomorrow. I have also started redoing the landscape in the backyard. When we had a new well put in they really left a mess with a ditch since the ground was not leveled. I am re-sloping so the water will drain from the house to the rain garden again.The backyard will be designed with a Craftsman 1920 style garden. It will have easy to maintain plants with low water requirement and seasonally beauty. Some of the plants will be old favorite heirloom types to go with the period with some newer additions. The center of the yard will have a small lawn.

Mushrooms on old stump




Front Yard

Yellow flame tulips

Pink tulips

 I like the yellow center of this tulip.

Rain Garden and vegetable garden in the back


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why have Windbreaks

It was a busy tree planting day today. The cedars and Rocky Mountain Junipers and a few black Walnuts were planted for windbreaks. You might wonder why I would want to plant so many trees. The cedars and Junipers are all about conservation. Windbreaks provide protection for the home,  animals and wildlife. Research has indicated that heat energy savings of up to 40 percent are possible with windbreaks.  The savings are the result  from reduced wind velocity. In this area of Kansas you have the winter wind and then the summer wind.  

You garden can also benefit from having a wind break. Windbreaks can bring and wilting of crops due to desiccation from the strong winds, high temperatures and lack of moisture. It will also help protect you greenhouses and wind tunnels from damaging wind.

Windbreaks can also provide protection to orchards from the strong summer winds. Windbreaks can also offer frost protection if they are taller than the orchard trees. This year I started a windbreak around my orchard to protect the fruit trees from the strong dry winds. The trees should eventually get tall enough to provide some shade to provide the peach trees I will eventually plant  from blooming too soon. One of the the major problems here is that we get spring like weather for a few of days in February or March. The trees will start blooming and then the weather will quickly back to snow. This will freeze all the flowers and you will not get fruit that season. The Armistice Day freeze in November 1940 killed  many trees and many did not recover.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Flowers, March 2012

The garden is starting to bloom. Today I went out to take some pictures of the latest blooms.

Griegii Tulips

 Single Early Tulips

Flowering Quince 

Pears and Nectarine blooms