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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes I find interesting research and studies I like to pass on. Fruit tree and other bare root trees planting season is here or almost here depending on where you live. After a trip to the grocery store to get ingredients to prepare a German meal I came home rather disappointed. I had planned to make an apple strudel for dessert but the store did not have any cooking apples available and only a few dreadful looking eating apples. The other shocker was the lack of eggs. What is going on? Is this a growing trend in our food supply? Eating local is getting more important everyday. Anyway, back to the article I wanted to tell people about.

 Colorado State University has developed a new technique for planting fruit trees. Instead of creating a large hole in the ground to plant your bare root and container grown fruit trees they are suggesting planning in a saucer shape hole. The article states you will get a increase in growth and prevent tree decline in 10 to 15 years. According to CSU "Trunk-girdling roots develop when a tree is planted too deep in the root ball and/or the root ball is planted too deep in the planting hole". I plan to use this technique when I plant trees this winter and will monitor their growth and development. If anyone has had any experience with this technique I would really like your input.

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