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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spectacular Tulips

The tulips the classic spring bulb planting are blooming now in the Flint Hills. Tulips are not a real popular bulb to many gardeners do to the fact they must be planted in the fall, prefer sandy soil and thrive best in cold-winter climates. If your soil is heavy add plenty of organic material, sand or plant in a raised bed making sure you plant them the correct depth and space apart. Because tulips are a spring flowering bulb you can plant other flowers on top or next to them to fill in the area after the tulips or done flowering. In cool climate areas you can snip off spent flowers and then fertilize with nitrogen. Go ahead and allow the leaves to manufacture nutrients and then cut off when they turn yellow. If you want to keep producing larder tulips you will need to dig them up in two to three years to separate them. In warm areas like Florida and Southern California it is best to dig up and replant new bulbs every year..

The above pictures are my first tulips for the season. Check out bulb catalogs and your local nursery to find all the different types of tulips for color shape and scents. Then plant and enjoy your spectacular tulips blooming in the spring.

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