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Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Showers

"April Showers bring May Flowers".

We have not had the normal amount of rain so far this year since it seems storms are just blowing past including today. I am not sure of May flowers but I suppose the Day lilies might start blooming. Right now the Irises are in bloom. I was looking at pictures of Irises and may start collecting other types. Right now I mostly have the regular old fashion purple variety. They do very well in Kansas and look great in groups.

I still have to complete the set up the the irrigation in the vegetable garden. I have rows that hand water each day and I want to be able to weed while watering.
So far the poatoes are doing well. I wans hoping to get the Benje potatoes so I could palnt them but they still have not arrived. The lettuce and other vegetables have sprouted and are growing. I a week or so they should be large enough to take a picture of.

Jim Kennard just worte an article on growing your garden vertical. I gardened vertical a lot of my vegetables. I would like to try to grow cucumbers vertical later.

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