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Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Spring Planting

Raimi and I did some more planting today. Last night I cut up the seed potatoes to get them ready to plant soon. They are pictured to the left of the stand. I have a feeling it will be a couple more weeks until that happens. The soil is still too wet to work but at least the temperature has gone up around here. It is still possible to get a hard frost this time of the year so I am still a little cautious.

This year I am planing to cover the potatoes with straw "straw potatoes" after they start growing. I have had better luck in previous years using this technique because it helps to keep the soil moist and prevent scab. In wetter areas it is better to wait until it gets dryer to put the hay on because you might have problems with rotting potatoes and mice. I am also planning to utilize row covers to help prevent the potato bug problem I had last year too and help keep the potatoes warmer before the warm temperature comes.

We got the broccoli and cauliflower planted today. I am so far on schedule with planting this year and hoping to be able to do so. The chard and cabbage is going into the cold frame as soon as cauliflower and broccoli germinate. They have been started them a heated mat without lights right now. I am hoping using the cold frame and row covers will allow me to move the plants more quickly and not get backlogged. I still do not have the greenhouse completed due to the weather. I really need to get it completed.

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